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Discover threats to your business before you become a target.
Security Testing


Find the holes in your infrastructure before a malicious hacker. Test your security using our FREE Vulnerability Scan .


Compliance Evaluations


HIPAA/HITECH, PCI DSS, ISO 27000 are among the list of compliance tests that require a technical review of controls. We can help you test your security compliance. Contact Us today!


eDiscovery & Digital Investigation


Computer, Network and Cyber investigation services to help companies get a solid grip on evidence and data after a security breach or incident. Ask us about our Digital Investigation services.


Ongoing Support


Ongoing monitoring, intelligence, Micro penetration testing and training augment a well-rounded security program. Ask how our total scope Penetration Testing Can help you.



  • Jennie H
    Rivet Software Inc.

    Azorian Cyber Security led our secure facility and data efforts at Rivet. As a software provider for SEC filings, this was an important role. Azorians diligence and willingness to work with and lead the business in important security endeavors was as important to us as to our customers. Rivet Software Inc. .

  • Brittani M
    Red Can Services

    The team at Azorian Cyber Security walked us through our Client's HIPAA compliance checks, penetration testing and security road-map development. They left our people with the tools and knowledge to continue running a successful security program.

Why Azorian Cyber Security?

We listen, we discuss, we advise and develop

Azorian Cyber Security spends a great deal of time getting to know our clients. By understanding the business needs, processes, culture and executive vision we help to develop a well-rounded & cost effective security solutions for each client. Security is best when designed to work seamlessly with an organization.  

Offering in-depth, rich, professional service

With our 15 years of experience in cyber security, secure design, testing and Ethical Hacking, Azorian Cyber Security brings a multitude of expertise to bear on every project we undertake. With our services, including secure architecture, web applications, mobile apps to deep web intelligence, penetration testing, risk assessments and more, Azorian Cyber Security aims to bring a total security solution to our clients.

Professional Ethical Hackers

Your organization is not being attacked by penetration testers so why test like one? Our team consists of talented men and women who are the good Hackers first and foremost with experience and training from the: NSA, DoD, DoJ, U.S. Military, Interpol and certified by: The American National Standards Institute, The International Council of Electronic Commerce, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, (ISC)2 and have set the standard in security around the world.


We love to learn and grow with our clients

Cyber Security is a dynamic industry and with every passing moment there is a new development, vulnerability or risk. Azorian Cyber Security enjoys educating ourselves and our clients to always keep at least one step ahead of the malicious hackers and cyber thieves of the world. By helping our clients grasp the core concepts of security we can teach them to defend themselves from attacks and evolve their security long after we are gone.

Denver Colorado cyber security penetration testing compliance testing vulnerability assesments

Professional Ethical Hackers

Proactive Security Approach:

FREE basic assessment to get you started
Dynamic Threat Analysis of social media and web born threats.
Full scope penetration testing.
Secure architecture review and design
Legal liability review
Reputation management and recovery
Policy Procedure and Control review and development

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